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Fizz is the credit card for college students

The financial ally you can feel good about

We empower college students to achieve the financial freedom they deserve, and the credit score to secure a better future... without the risk of getting screwed over by credit cards.

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How it all started

It all started when we got to College in 2018. Carlo and Moritz tried to get a credit card, but couldn’t get approved because they were international students. At the same time, a roommate felt in the trap of unintentionally racking up credit card debt. Scott in the meanwhile noticed many of his friends didn’t know about the importance of credit, or even how to budget. Because unlike learning algebra and the humanities, financial literacy isn’t core to any high school or college curriculum. So if you didn’t learn at home, it’s easy to fall into credit card debt... even for Harvard students.

Your credit is impacting your mental health

We were irritated, so we did a bunch of research. What we learned was terrifying: 90% of 18 - 20 years olds are credit-invisible, and the majority of college students graduate with $3000 or more in credit card debt. With a negatively impacted FICO Score to boot, 3 in 4 Americans under the age of 30 say keeping their personal finances on track is their largest source of anxiety, taking a toll on their mental health.

You shouldn’t be underestimated

Most banks do nothing to prevent their young users from (unintentionally) taking on extremely expensive credit card debt (why isn’t Autopay the default). On top of that, the FICO score model is ancient, and we believe it underestimates the financial responsibility of young borrowers, because it relies primarily on credit history. Ranging from getting approved for apartments, and refinancing student loans (saving you thousands later on), to securing a mortgage, and even some jobs, a great credit score is vital for financial independence. However, building credit can be risky and inaccessible. The need for cosigners and security deposits is a hassle.

Frustrated with the unfair complexity of building credit as students, we decided to do something about it. And thus Fizz was born.

With the mission of being the financial ally for young adults, Fizz empowers college students to achieve the financial freedom they deserve, and the credit score they need to secure financial freedom... without the risk of getting screwed over by credit cards.


We believe in...


We hate hidden fees and confusing jargon. So we don’t mess with them. We tell it like it is, and we trust each other to do the right thing.


We’re self-starters who don’t take no for an answer. We don’t adapt, we reimagine. And we strive to strengthen each other’s confidence.


This is what being in college is all about. It’s what financial literacy and a good credit score will help us all achieve.


We’re excited to create a world in which credit is easily accessible and young people feel financially empowered to achieve their dreams.

The Team

Earth Koed


Will Berger


Alejandro Fischer

Software Engineer

Kyle Prue

Social Media

Moritz Pail

Co-founder / CTO

Carlo Kobe

Co-founder / CEO

Scott Smith

Co-founder / COO

Scott Smith

Co-founder / COO

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