Smart money tips for Harvard students

Welcome to Harvard! Getting to campus, and for the first time feeling that ivy flair, be it the imposing presence of Widener on your walk home from Lamont late at night, or the buzzing noise of conversations in Annenberg is a thrilling time.

What you'll also notice, Cambridge is expensive. Like reallllly expensive. Indeed, rumor has it the CVS at the square is the most expensive branch in the country.

Hence, we wanted to compile 6 tips on how to save money, while having a blast at Harvard.

1. The secret to the best cheap coffee

Let's be real, dining hall coffee sucks. Hence, you will sometimes have to splash on that nice cup of coffee to fuel your pset sessions. The cheapest, and arguably best option in the Square is JP Licks, which has great student discounts on their coffee for students! Even cheaper: The math lounge in the Science Center offers free Nespresso Coffee. Maybe the reason they come up with Nobel Prize ideas.

2. Seeking fun on the cheap? Try Boston

Harvard's campus is fantastic, but let me tell you a secret: Boston is too. Venturing off into the city with a quick 10min T ride is more than worth it. Even better, often museums like the MFA, as well as cultural events are fully free of charge when you show your Harvard ID. Power move. If museums aren't your thing, the Red Sox and Celtics sometimes offer special student tickets.

3. Fancy food, for free

Feeling like some fancy food? Ask professors to do "classroom to table." They will take you out to fancy food in the square, and hopefully you get an interesting conversation alongside!

4. No need to pay for printing

If you ever need to print something, in Grossman library, third floor of Seever hall – printing is  you guessed it – completely free.

5. Board+ is your best friend

Use your board+. Lamont Cafe is probably your best bet here. The dining hall in the Kennedy School also accepts it, and offers surprisingly good sandwiches, pizza and all kinds of other treats! Bottom line: Use it or loose it, because it doesn't roll over!

6. Start building your credit score

Lastly - use Fizz. You don't only build up your credit, but paying with your Fizz card will give you 15% discount at Zinnekens and others. Why do you need credit? You'll need a good score to get an apartment after you graduate, for one, but bottom line, it makes life cheaper.

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