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Referral bonus terms

Last Revised: August 4,2022

Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until 12/31/2022 until 11:59pm PST. Fizz’s Referral Program (“Program”) is open to all individuals who are approved for Fizz Card, are in good standing, and make a purchase with their Fizz Card by 12/31/2022 by 11:59 pm PST. If the cumulative referral bonus rewards paid to an individual in one calendar year exceeds $599, then Form W-9 may be required to be completed prior to funds disbursement. You are responsible for any applicable federal, state, or local taxes associated with receiving the Fizz Referral Program offer. Fizz reserves the right to change or eliminate the Program at any time with or without notice. Each person referred should be someone you have a direct, personal relationship with. You may not distribute a Referral Link or otherwise solicit anyone through mass email, any form of commercial advertising or other similar means. The Program has a $500 cap on cumulative referral bonuses any one individual may receive.